We Want To

Want To Work Here

That’s not a typo; it’s one of our core values. We spend an enormous percentage of our lives at work. It matters to us that we find both joy and meaning in it– and in one another.

Companies say this sort of thing all the time, but we’re deeply serious about it. If that sounds refreshing to you, then come join us.

The Benefits

We Invest In Our Employees

And their well-being by providing them with a generous benefits package.

  • Full remote work culture
  • Up to 4 weeks off of paid vacation in addition to holidays, your birthday, and the week of Christmas off paid.
  • Paid Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • A 401k program with a 3% match for every employee
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance that fits your needs and lifestyle as well as a monthly wellness reimbursement program to inspire holistic health.

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Current Positions Are Open To U.S. Residents

Manager Of Differentiation [Human Resources]


DELIGHT | Most people call it “Human Resources” (and yes, that’s an important part of the job). We call it “Differentiation.” Why? Because at 4x400, we’re consciously trying to be different. “We Want To Want To Work Here” is neither a typo nor just some words in a handbook somewhere. We’re serious about it: we’re out to create a work culture that our team really, seriously, honestly loves.Right now, this means promoting gratefulness, publicly thanking teammates for great work, being clear in our communication (which is in everyone’s best interests), and cultivating personal and professional growth in every way we can. We embrace elements of radical transparency, empower one another through compassionate servant leadership principles & reinforce ways to build relationships that foster trust. 

As the Manager of Differentiation, you will be the key to shaping this for the long term as we continue to grow. You’ll be people-first, finding ways to keep a pulse on their heart beats, their well-doing, and their well-being. Working directly with the CEO, you’ll support our people by continuing to push the envelope on (un)traditional forms of policy and procedure.

ANTICIPATE | Anticipating the needs of 4x400 wins over reacting to the needs of 4x400, every time. As the Manager of Differentiation, we’re depending on you to be forward thinking and mindful in approach considering timeline, questions, and long term solutions. Read another way, you’re a process building genius around all things HR and People Operations for our holding company. You understand doing this well directly equates to improving our employees work lives and making 4x400 the best it can be and an employer of choice. In a remote world, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing employee needs have been streamlined - our people know where and when to go for what. Constantly refining and re-defining our processes until we’ve developed a system of communication and production that is both efficient and inspiring is the backbone of your role. Ruminating over efficiencies are what your day dreams are made of, and we like paying you for it! 

GROW | As our Manager of Differentiation, you’ll extend strong branches of innovation, ingenuity, and inspiration to 4x400 as a young company, eager to grow thoughtfully and purposefully. If we’re going to grow well (not just fast), we’ll need to recruit well, onboard well, and retain well. This is where traditional human resources meets our unorthodox culture. As the Manager of Differentiation, you’ll partner with 4x400 leaders and run point on compliance related issues ranging from personnel file management to being our legal liaison and beyond. As we grow, the development of new idea implementation around operations, legal, logistics, recruiting, human resources, and culture is not only warranted, it’s encouraged.


  • “HRS” adaptation, use of 4x400’s existing platforms to support a custom built, intranet-like system for personnel, process, handbook and project management.

  • Handbook building for multi-state and federal law compliance.

  • Fostering a positive, joyful, and professionally excellent work culture between our daily remote operations, our as-needed meetups across the country for collaboration, and our warehouse & production teams in Havelock, North Carolina.

  • Streamline ongoing process with teammates at onset, at position change, and at separation to ensure the 4x400 experience is being held across the board.

  • Ensure scalability with all you do so employees have the support and resources they need, to be the rockstars they are, and can more easily do the job they were hired to do.


  • HRCI or SHRM certification is strongly preferred.

  • 1+ years of experience overseeing payroll for a company of 50+ employees.

  • 1+ years of managing benefits for a company of 50+ employees.
  • 1+ years of customer service experience.

  • Joy at the very thought of making people’s work lives better.

  • Familiarity with COBRA, ERISA and FMLA and related state and federal regulations required.

  • Experience with employee relations including documentation, conducting workplace investigations, etc.

  • Ability to maintain confidential information.

  • Must have a unique combination of humility (willing to do the dirty work) and ambition (vision for what your future holds).

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple tasks with great attention to detail.

  • Ability to complete short-term and long-term goals in a proper manner. 

  • An insatiable curiosity, and an inability to leave a problem alone until you’ve found one or many different potential solutions.

  • A desire to take risks - but only after carefully examining the calculus and determining that your chosen course of action is most effective.


4x400 is a modern day holding company that helps entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. That’s our mission statement, and it defines the soul of who we are: we acquire, operate, and grow digitally native brands to help founders take their brands to otherwise impossible heights.
We currently own and operate five brands: Slick Products, Bambu Earth, Modern Fuel, Genuine Canine and 31 Bits. The list will keep growing.

To accomplish this, our team possesses expertise in e-commerce growth strategy, supply chain optimization, business operations, finance, design, video production, and more, all legitimized by the hundreds of millions of dollars of products we’ve sold online to date. We combine our storehouse of ecommerce experience, our staff comprising people of professionalism and character, and the energy of a startup environment to create a company in which we take sincere pride.

Our vision is to create an ecommerce brand growth machine valued at $150 million by end of year 2024. It’s an audacious goal and we find the pursuit invigorating.

Our core values:

  • We Exist To Serve. We define our success by the outcomes we generate for one another. We therefore embrace the virtue of humility, celebrating the victories of our teammates and the entrepreneurs we serve above all.
  • Clear Is Kind. Clear, thoughtful feedback is an extraordinary gift, and we cherish it. Condescending criticism destroys teams, and we despise it.

  • Hard Problems Require Deep Work. We won’t serve our mission without solving hard problems. We won’t solve hard problems with half-hearted attention.

  • Understand Before You Act. The first step to solving a problem is understanding the problem. The first step to productive conversation is careful listening.

  • We Want To Want To Work Here.We spend an enormous amount of our lives at work. It matters to us that we find both joy and meaning in it– and in one another.


  • Salary: $70k
  • 15% Bonus Upside
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits
  • 401k Program With 3% company match (post 90 days employment)
  • 3 Weeks Paid Time Off (in addition to all major holidays, your birthday, and a ~two week end of the year break).
  • Work Is Fully Remote
  • Reports to Chief Executive Officer